Want To Know How To Dream Your Own Home?


Innovation and Technology in Construction

The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project makes use of the most modern innovations and technologies to build energy efficient, comfortable and affordable houses.

What is

Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) is the name of the project whose main objective is that all people can acquire a house (or apartment)

Home For Everyone

The Home For Everyone project is modular and expandable, idealized to build meeting the needs of people and respecting the environment.



Learn about the main features that make the Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project innovative and puts it in the spotlight.


The incessant search for efficiency, respect for the human being and the environment are the pillars that guide the project Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone).



Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) is the only housing project that finances 100% of the value of the house and other modules.

Finance 100%

In addition to financing 100% of the value of the house, it finances 100% of the furniture, as well as 100% of the other modules that make up the project.



For one reason or another, many people have left Brazil and tried their luck in Europe. The House For Everyone also contemplates these people.

The Dream

The dream of home ownership in Brazil is part of the lives of many emigrants and the Casa Para Todos project also remembered them.


Our Core Values

The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project was born with the firm purpose of facilitating access to the home for millions of Brazilians who have not yet been served by existing projects in the market. And do this in accordance with values that seek the quality and energy efficiency of homes, as well as respect for the environment. All this with the optimization of resources through the creation of creative solutions to the problems.

Our partners

The incessant search for new concepts and materials that allow the construction of homes with superior quality, energy efficiency, respect for the human being and the environment, requires hard work and partnerships with people and institutions that seek the same values.

Below, we present some of these valuable and reliable partners in Brazil and abroad.

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