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What is the

Casa Para Todos (House For Everyone)?

Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) is the name of the project whose main objective is that all people can acquire a house (or apartment), built with innovative materials and techniques; that repeats and protects the human being and the environment. In addition, with superior quality and excellent cost / benefit ratio.

Main Features

To achieve its goals, the Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project combines several factors to build houses that meet the following conditions:

  • Let them be aesthetically beautiful and modern;

  • They comply strictly with the standards and good practices of the construction industry, with emphasis on thermal and acoustic comfort and quality of materials;

  • That they have a fair price, affordable and with great cost / benefit ratio;

  • That they are energy efficient;

  • That meet the criteria of respect and defense of the environment and the fundamental rights of the human being;

The Great Differential

100% of the Property Value

Financing 100% of the total value of the property. The buyer need not give an input value. You only pay the monthly installments.

We finance 100% of the value of your home. Totally without entrance.

100% of the Value of Furniture

We finance 100% of the furniture value. No input value. It is only incorporated in the value of the parcels of the property.
Financiamos 100% do valor dos móveis da sua nova casa.

We finance 100% of the value of the furniture in your new home.

Modular and Innovative

Projeto Casa Para Todos é modular e inovadorThe Power of Flexibility

The module concept is so efficient that nature itself uses it. Our own body is the end result of a set of cells and organs (modules), which work together harmoniously to build an entire organism.
The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project also uses this concept precisely because of its efficiency and harmonious final result. This allows us to better develop each part of the project; identify and correct problems, and add innovative solutions, keeping the process alive, dynamic and up-to-date.

Main Modules

Modular and Expandable

O Módulo Casa foi planejado para ser expansível e com design bonito.

Modular and Expandable

As we have already seen, the whole concept of the Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project is modular and expandable. This means that everything is planned in a very rational way, allowing, from a base (module), it is possible to string other modules (at the time of construction or later).

This gives a lot of flexibility and allows the project to meet a wider range of people and needs, adapting to them.

The moment a person needs (or can) expand his home, he can do so and the end result will be the same as if he had built everything at the same time. It is something like assembling an object with a layman. Everything was planned to allow “fit” other pieces and the final result will always be harmonious and with a beautiful design.

100% Financing

O projeto Casa Para Todos financia 100% do valor da sua casa própria.

The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project finances 100% of the value of your home.

You will not need to give any input. You will only pay tuition and own your own home.

* Houses from R$78.400,00 (seventy-eight thousand and four hundred reais).

Home Sweet Home

3 Options: Same Quality!

The house module has some settings to suit as many needs as possible. Here we present the three basic configurations of the project:

House Module I

House with 49 m²:

  • 2 bedrooms;
  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • service area;
  • bathroom.

House Module II

House with 67 m²:

  • 2 bedrooms;
  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • service area;
  • bathroom.
  • suite module 16 m² (or garage 18 m²).

House Module III

House with 81 m²:

  • 2 bedrooms;
  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • service area;
  • bathroom;
  • suite module 16 m²;
  • garage module 18 m² (for 02 cars).

Energy Saving and Environmental Preservation

Painel Solar - Casa Para Todos

Solar panel – Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone)

The electricity bill in Brazil, during the period from 2014 to 2017, accumulated a 31.5% increase and, according to estimates, it could accumulate a 44% increase by the end of 2018.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in electric utility bill tariff. One of them is the rainfall. If in a given year it rains less, consequently the dams of the big hydropower plants will have less reserves and the government will have to increase the quota of electricity from the thermoelectric plants.

The average consumption of electric energy in Brazilian homes is 157 KWh. This translated means that, on average, Brazilian families commit 17% of a minimum wage with only the electricity bill.

Módulo Energia Solar - conectado à rede de enrgia

Solar Energy Module – connected to the power grid

The good news is that anyone, as long as he incurs in the Ministry of Finance with a cpf or a cnpj, can be an autoprodutor of electric power, provided that through renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly. The rules were defined by ANEEL (National Agency for Electric Energy) in Normative Resolution No. 482, of April 17, 2012 and later updated by Normative Resolution No. 687, of 2015.

Among the sources of renewable energies (in Brazil), the most accessible and inexhaustible is the sun.

What is more interesting is that it is now possible to connect solar energy directly to the conventional electricity grid, providing the grid with excess production at peak hours. In times when the solar module is not producing enough energy for your consumption, you “recover” from the surplus you supplied to the electricity grid. In this way, the residence never runs out of electricity.

Best of all, the conventional electricity grid works as if it were an accumulator of electricity (battery), which credits energy when you overproduce, and then returns that credit when your production falls, as a result of less solar incidence. The great advantage is that it does not have the cost of acquiring and maintaining batteries.

100% Financing

O projeto Casa Para Todos financia 100% do valor da sua casa própria.The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project finances 100% of the value of the Solar Energy Module.

You will not need to give any input. You will only pay a small monthly fee and bid goodbye to energy bills.

*Modules starting at R$7.552,62 (seven thousand, five hundred and fifty-two reais and sixty-two cents).


Investment Estimate
From  R$7.552,62 to R$11.551,07
Monthly savings
Cumulative total economy in 30 years


Reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere
24.579 kg CO2
Equivalent to planted trees
176 trees
Equivalent to KM driven by electric car

224.130 km


1,11 kWp
System Size
1,11 kWp
Number of Modules
4 modules
Estimated annual production
1.715 KWh
Required area
7,77 m2
Estimated weight
105,51 kg

Innovation That Makes a Difference

Next, we present some of the innovative factors and solutions that combined resulted in the Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project:

Who Can Benefit From This Project?

Get Rid of Rent! Buy your Home Now!

As its name indicates (House for Everyone), anyone can acquire a house through this project, provided that meets the minimum necessary conditions. This means that the contingent of beneficiaries goes from a person (or household), with incomes sufficient to acquire the minimal configuration of the “House Module”, to people whose incomes allow the acquisition of more complex configurations.

However, the main focus of this project is to serve those who do not yet have a home, especially people (and families) with lower incomes and whose existing housing programs and projects have not yet been able to meet them. And what is the great differential of this project? Well … There are several (financing of the furniture, financing of the modules Solar Energy, financing of the module Water Heating …). However, there is a difference that stands out: FINANCING 100% OF THE VALUE OF THE HOUSE. That’s it! The person does not need to give any input. You will only have monthly installments equal to or less than what you pay for rent.

Home For Everyone – Emigrants

Financiamos 100% do imóvel e entregamos a chave da casa dos sonhos na sua mão.

100% and turnkey!

The Dream of the House in Brazil

Among all the people who benefit from the Casas Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project, a special group stands out: the MIGRANTS: hundreds of thousands of Brazilians who, for one reason or another, left Brazil and lived and worked in other countries (Portugal, Belgium, Germany, etc.).

The Casa Para Todos (Home For Everyone) project also realizes the dream of these people, financing 100% of the value of the home in Brazil, in addition to financing 100% of the value of the furniture and other modules that are part of the project.

Our Partners

The incessant search for new concepts and materials that allow the construction of homes with superior quality, energy efficiency, respect for the human being and the environment, requires hard work and partnerships with people and institutions that seek the same values.

Below, we present some of these valuable and reliable partners in Brazil and abroad.

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